Yoga for Local Youth

The Epidemic of Our Time: Stress


Kids can feel the devastating effects of stress physically and emotionally.  Signs may include difficulty sleeping, digestive issues, anxiety, emotional upheaval, and trouble navigating challenges whether they are academic or social.

Tools for Life


Mind body practices provide effective but simple tools to manage stress and help people relax, become less reactive and better able to sleep.

Breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga postures are now documented as providing the antidote to sensory overload and the stress of modern living.

Community Support


Our world is seemingly more connected than ever, yet, do we really have opportunities to cultivate deep relationships?   

Yoga teaches us to connect to ourselves, those around us and to something even greater than ourselves, however you may define that.

Kids classes provide a safe place to both ask for and receive support as well as to give it.



"It helped me relax and it also makes me feel less stress and tired. I really like the breathing in and out part. It almost made me fall asleep and it feels so good."


"I was very stressed beforehand and doing yoga made me relax a lot. The yoga class also helped me to realize what I was doing wrong when trying to fall asleep at night."

 "It made me more calm. I liked that we got to relax and take a break from life. [Change] nothing -it was perfect."

 "The program taught the children a variety of yoga poses as well as the importance of connecting with our bodies.  The children and teachers absolutely loved our weekly yoga class!  Yoga is a wonderful to help children work on their body awareness, attention, focus, and many other skills."  


Studio Classes & Yoga in Schools


If you are a student, a teacher, or a parent, and are interested in local programs, please reach out.   We'd love to talk more about how these practices can be life changing.

Thanks to our "Second Sunday" program, we are now able to offer scholarships to help bring yoga to local youth.

Classes and workshops are available for all ages - preschool to high school!