Yoga Therapy - what is it?


Receive individualized tools to address imbalance and create well being.

I  specialize in working with people who are  ready to address chronic stress and anxiety in the face of life  struggles, aging and/or persistent pain. 

For anxiety

 Anxiety is rampant in our society, effecting both young and old.  It can  be debilitating.  Often, those who suffer feel alone and not  understood.  Fear may limit what we do and increase that sense of  isolation.  Working with the breath to learn to engage the relaxation  response is very effective and empowering.  Learn easy techniques to  feel more grounded and relaxed in times of stress.

For Chronic Pain

 Yoga therapy will change your relationship to your body and to pain.  It IS possible to feel better.
Often  when we suffer from chronic pain or illness, we experience a deep loss  of control over our lives.  We can feel grief and isolation. Fear  determines what we do and don’t do.  The only thing that we can control  is our reaction to the cards we are dealt.  
Modern science has come  out with compelling evidence to support ancient beliefs and practices.   Mindfulness, breath awareness and other yogic tools inform us about our  self and our discomfort.   When we better understand and change our  perception of what is happening, pain is diminished.  Education is an  integral part of a yoga therapy session.          

 A yoga therapist assesses your physical body looking for misalignment or  imbalance.  She will ask questions about your history, your injury and  any limitations.  Your breath, quality of sleep, emotions, nervous  system, daily activities and goals are also addressed as they play an  important role in overall health.  Spend time looking at the whole  picture. 


 Anxiety and/or persistent pain means that you enjoy your life less.  You  can feel better! Be truly seen and heard.  Connect your body, mind and  spirit.  Learn powerful tools to take charge of your own life, your own  healing and feel better.  Experience less pain, more tolerance to  chronic stressors and a renewed sense of clarity. 

Yoga therapy works on many levels.  Suzanne will help you come up with a specific plan, tailored to you.  It may include:
  Physical postures/movements targeted to strengthen and stretch key muscle groups to realign your body
  Positional Therapy
  Restorative Poses
  Mindful breath work
  Visualizations or guided relaxation
  Education around the body, mind or spirit.   

   Working with your health care provider to provide optimal treatment

Is this right for me?

To find out more or to determine if you are ready for this type of work, please call Suzanne at 413-429-5650 or email