Suzanne Mazzarelli, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, MSW

Suzanne's yoga roots began with a heart-felt, alignment based practice which continues to influence her both on and off the mat.  She completed her 500-hour teacher training through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy and is certified as a Yoga Therapist through IAYT.   She strongly believes in yoga as a healing practice that returns us to balance and wellness.  Classes flow with precise alignment cues.

Suzanne also offers private Yoga Therapy sessions.  

Patrick McBride

 I'd love to say that I found yoga or even yoga found me, but in reality it slapped me upside the head and shook everything I thought I knew about my body and laid it out on the floor.  It connected my mind and body to my breath. While the gym made parts of my body strong, Yoga has made my whole body (and mind) strong.   Les Leventhal, Schuyler Grant, Tias Little, Dharma Mittra and Nikki Viella are the foundations of my yoga study.  They have all inspired and challenged my teaching, created a deeper awareness to mindful and intelligent sequencing and above all gave me permission to be authentically human.  We all have gifts and challenges. Be in your breath and show up.  Everything else comes.  I play music, you'll get sweaty, we'll all feel joy.  

Maizie Houghton, RYT

Since completion of Yoga Madre’s (200h) course in 2015, Maizie has been teaching introductory and intermediate levels of Vinyasa and mindful flow in studios, community outreach organizations, and treatment centers for trauma and substance abuse across Southern California. She hopes to create a safe & gentle learning environment that fosters individuality finding a sacred space. Classes focus on development of strength, balance,  grace and equanimity that may be applied to life beyond the yoga mat. 

Christopher Sinclair

 The human body is the most versatile & beautiful tool that any and all of us have at our disposal, & I have found no better way to explore the potential & infinite possibilities presented by that tool than through the practice of yoga. 

I realized at a certain point that I was making many demands of my body without taking any time to celebrate it. When I am on my mat, there is an underlying sense of celebration - for my body, which allows me to practice - for my breath, which renews and supports me - for my mind, which spurs my curiosity - & finally, a celebration of the opportunity to integrate and synchronize all three through yoga. To be able to teach & to share in that celebration with others, wherever they are in their journey, is both an honor and a privilege.

Rachel Hay

 I started training in Pilates in 2004 and have been teaching full-time since 2005 in my own studio in Lakeville, CT. Having studied initially in NY and primarily with Frankie Puglisi in Florida, I have attended many Pilates conferences and workshops over the years, experiencing a variety of styles and opinions. In addition, I have taken many workshops with Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up and use her therapy ball work.  Recently I completed a 200 hr. Yoga certification with Beryl Bender Birch and Amy Webb at Sruti in GB. My special love is still sharing Pilates!

Susan Cain

Kundalini Yoga is known as the “yoga of awareness” and works on strengthening the nervous and glandular system, increases body strength, and promotes overall physical well-being.   This practice increases mental focus and concentration.  I believe that Kundalini yoga creates a sacred place unique to each individual for personal growth, physical wellness and spiritual expansion. After 15 years of practicing Kundalini Yoga, it is an honor, as well as  personally profound opportunity to bring this to you. I am thrilled to join Be Well Community Yoga 

Jody Potter

 Jody has been a student of life since her teens. Always a seeker, exploring and deepening into meditation, dabbling in yoga as exercise, she finally “discovered” yoga. In 2002, she had an epiphany, yoga was her new “frontier”.  Encompassing all her passions, the pulse of yoga allowed her to move deeper into the exploration of self on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally.  Jody took her 200 hour teachers training and is in the process of completing the 300 hour with Todd Norian, founder of Ashaya Yoga.  She is an alignment-based teacher who invites in the practice of balance and flexibility while building strength.  

Theresa Sheremeta

In 2015, Theresa received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification after studying at Mindful Yoga Center. She is now grateful for the opportunity to teach this beautiful practice to others. Her journey is forever evolving, including travel, farming, and outdoor adventure, including her newest endeavor, a Stand Up Paddle Board and Yoga Company. Theresa has applied her practice in many different settings including studios, mental health facilities and special events. She is working toward her 300 Hour RYT. She is honored to join the Be Well Community in Canaan! 

Rebecca Rasmussen

Rebecca spent her life studying the body through the world of dance. She toured internationally for 12 years with the dance company MOMIX, performing in sold out theaters all over the world. While dance remains a major passion, over time Rebecca’s interests have shifted to include self-care and overall well being. She is a RYT 200 hour graduate of the Kripalu School of Yoga and Health. She now studies and shares the practice of yoga with the desire to help others love and care for their bodies through movement and exploration. Yoga has provided her with a space for personal growth and transformation while still feeding her love for movement and the body.